Personalised Ads Zuck

Familiar with receiving ads for extremely expensive protein shakes after you searched for tips to become more fit? Or have you ever been targeted as a woman with baby stuff just because you’re around 30 years old? That’s just not okay!

We have become accustomed to seeing personalised ads, without really consenting to it. That is something we should never get used to! We don’t really benefit from these ads; it is just another way to make more profit out of us.

Facebook and Google earn 171,3 billion dollars a year. By hoarding óur data and learning almost everything there is to learn about us, and then selling it to others.

So it’s time to say: Ads Zuck! On June 19th the battle against big tech moves to a new battleground. The European Parliament will vote on banning personalised ads, ??? angering the Facebooks and Googles army of lobbyists,

It’s still early days into the battle, so we need to keep on fighting for a ban. To get it done, our message has to be loud and clear to draw attention from company leaders, governments and our representatives. To get it done, we now say:

We, the users of the internet

• Who don’t want to be tracked on every website we use;
• Who don’t want to receive advertisements based on every personal characteristics;
• Who don’t want to read extensive privacy agreements and cookie statements to say we don’t give consent for personalised ads;
• Who are sick of being a commercial target every minute we use the internet;
• Who might be okay with advertisement, but just don’t want it to be based on our personal characteristics;
• Who might want to pay for services, but currently don’t have the option to;

Therefore, we call on
• The owners of digital platforms;
• Our representatives in parliaments and councils;
• Governments and world leaders

• Ban personalised ads for once and for all

I hereby sign the petition to ban personalised ads once and for all