Door op 16 februari 2017

S&D steunt fonds van ´Superploumen`

De Socialisten en Democraten in het Europees Parlement roepen op tot steun aan het fonds van minister Ploumen van ontwikkelingssamenwerking. Het ´She Decides` fonds is opgericht na de Global Gag Rule; het besluit van Donald Trump dat ertoe leidt dat er 600 miljoen euro wordt gekort op een reeks voorzieningen voor gezinsplanning voor vele miljoenen vrouwen in ontwikkelingslanden.

In een open brief aan alle regeringsleiders in de EU vragen de Socialisten en Democraten om royaal te doneren om zo de getroffen organisaties te steunen. Ook de Europese Commissie wordt opgeroepen hun steun uit te spreken voor het #SheDecides initiatief, of andere initiatieven rondom vrouwengezondheid.

“Het initiatief van Lilianne verdient alle steun. Door het besluit van Trump loopt gezondheid van miljoenen vrouwen gevaar. Lidstaten moeten de handen ineenslaan om menselijk leed als gevolg van deze maatregel te beperken ”, aldus Paul Tang.

Het Nederlandse kabinet stort 10 miljoen Euro in het fonds. Ook België, Luxemburg, Denemarken en Zweden hebben publiekelijk steun uitgesproken voor het fonds en komen met bijdragen over de brug. Op 2 maart is er in Brussel een internationale conferentie over het onderwerp. Dan wordt ook bekend hoeveel geld andere landen gaan geven aan het fonds.


Brussels, 14 February 2017
Subject: call to support and donate to the #SheDecides fund

Dear heads of government,

The Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats (S&D) in the European Parliament was appalled by the decision by President Donald Trump to slash the 600 million dollar US programme for family planning and reproductive health services. This outrageous policy puts millions of women’s lives at risk. As a matter of fact, one in 10 maternal deaths in developing countries is caused by unsafe abortions and an estimated 20 million take place each year.

The decision to cut funds that were set to foster the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable women in the world is a frontal assault to the principles of humanity, equality and self-determination for women. This new policy will severely impede and prevent the work of both international and European civil society organisations operating in developing countries as to maternal health, sexual reproductive health and rights, including offering information on services and safe practices.

The implementation and achievement of Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (in particular the ones on gender, education and health) agreed by all the international community including the US and the EU, are at risk.

We therefore want to call on your government to actively support the #SheDecides initiative launched by Dutch minister Lilianne Ploumen. The 10 million euros pledged by Minister Ploumen and the Dutch cabinet are a vital first step, but efforts from other parties are needed to cover the gap. In the meantime, we welcome the fact that the governments of Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland as well as Sweden are already supporting the initiative.

In this context, our S&D Group has also explicitly pushed in “EP Resolution to the Council for the 61st UN Commission on the Status of Women” adopted today for the EU and member states to take a clear stance in this regard.

The Members of the S&D Group in the European Parliament will launch a campaign to enhance awareness and raise contributions to the fund. We hope that a lot of EU citizens, companies and organisation will follow suit.

More important however, we need the EU and its member states to lead by example and send a strong signal in support of women’s rights and reproductive health. We therefore call on your government to make a sizeable donation to the #SheDecides fund.
Yours sincerely
Gianni Pittella